Friday, November 3, 2023

Flipping for Christmas: Movie Review

All of Hallmark’s worst characteristics.

Flipping for Christmas is yet another one of Hallmark’s big city girl travels back to her small hometown, falls for the local handyman, and rediscovers the meaning of family and Christmas. And I would love to say, that at least one of those things got switched up, but only barely: she actually rediscovers the meaning of family, Christmas and community. It’s a very low budget production with overdone characters that it’s impossible to get wrapped up in the romance.   2023

Directed by: Katherine Barrell

Screenplay by: Brett Heard

Starring: Ashley Newbrough, Marcus Rosner

Abby (Ashley Newbrough) is a New York real estate designer. Her sister calls her home to help with flipping an inherited house. Abby agrees even though of course she just took a big job with a demanding real estate developer who needs to work of the holidays. Her sister failed to tell her that actually they don’t own the house outright, it was also left to Bo (Marcus Rosner) whose job appears to be town handyman despite the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any town government for him to have an actual job with (there is a mayor and nobody else). Regardless he plans on renovating the house to turn it into a bed & breakfast.

Bo and Abby’s sister and brother-in-law get along despite having different ideas for the house. So it’s probably fair that their first move wasn’t to hire a lawyer or a mediator, but it’s still not a good idea to have both Bo and Abby redeveloping the house for different purposes with completely different design ideas at the same time. Like that’s just nonsense, and that’s the first main plot.

Their romance goes from hating each other to a bizarre flirty paint fight in the blink of an eye, and then has to get put on hold because the movie still has another hour to fill. The second plot is Abby’s evil real estate developer has decided her hometown is the perfect spot to tear down a community park and build an apartment complex with a corporate coffee shop meant to bankrupt the small coffee shop in town. Abby knows that’s a bad thing when it’s happening to her smalltown but she didn’t care when she was in New York. She’s a completely hypocritical character that you can see coming from the very beginning.

Flipping for Christmas has all of Hallmark’s worst characteristics and very little to redeem itself (the only positives are Bo is a decent character and the diversity doesn’t feel cheap).

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