Thursday, September 28, 2023

Love Is in the Air: Movie Review

Not the lovely Australian romance it should have been.
Love Is in the Air is an Australian version of a Hallmark romance. Dana (Delta Goodrem) is a career woman, a pilot of a small family seaplane delivery business, with no time for dating. William (Joshua Sasse) is a finance guy from a UK investment firm planning to sell off Fullerton Airways forcing them to shutdown. There are a few key ingredients from successful romances that are missing here, mainly genuine characters and a connection from shared values and beliefs.   2023

Directed by: Adrian Powers

Screenplay by: Katharine E. McPhee and Adrian Powers & Caera Bradshaw

Starring: Delta Goodrem, Joshua Sasse

Monday, September 18, 2023

The Retirement Plan: Movie Review

A purposely bad movie with Cage in granddad/assassin mode.

Action comedy The Retirement Plan had very little planning go into it: Cast Nicolas Cage, make him a good guy, and have him kill a whole bunch of bad guys. There’s certainly an element of fun to that premise, but it’s a very broad, very over-the-top re-purposing of an action crime drama into a comedy. Jimmy and Ashley find themselves on the run from bad guys who will kill them if they don’t get what they want: a critical thumb drive. They need an escape plan.   2023

Directed by: Tim Brown

Screenplay by: Tim Brown

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Ashley Greene, Thalia Campbell and Ron Perlman