Sunday, May 30, 2021

We Broke Up: Movie Review

Solid comedy and simplistic drama.
We Broke Up has a very simplistic premise: a young couple break up before a wedding they’re both attending and decide to pretend they’re still together. The potential for comedy is obvious, and it works. The film starts quick and light with jokes involving Lori and Doug’s break-up, disagreements about who gets to attend the wedding, and then we arrive to meet the happy-go-lucky bride, the insane groom, and the disapproving mother. All game for providing more laughs.   2021

Directed by: Jeff Rosenberg

Screenplay by: Jeff Rosenberg, Laura Jacqmin

Starring: Aya Cash and William Harper Jackson

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Night Shift: Movie Review

Random unfunny chaos of idiot brothers being idiots.

Night Shift takes a long time for the narrative to start taking a logical form, and by that point the random chaos has just driven the movie boring and pointless. I think (I’m guessing here because the weird cuts to random scenes to open the movie doesn’t help anything) the point is that these brothers are feeling lost, do not know how to deal with death, and are finally at the do something or lose everything stage.   2021

Directed by: Joey Menzel

Screenplay by: Joey Menzel

Starring: Jesse Morton, Anthony Winnick