Friday, June 9, 2023

97 Minutes: Movie Review

Even if there’s an interesting idea buried somewhere within this premise, 97 Minutes has no clue how to mine it. The movie is 97 minutes worth of terrible dialogue, cliché terrorists, action sequences that don’t come from the most recent plot turn, a plane full of stupid people, and nothing that is interesting or fun. The action effects are bad and combining that with mostly bad actors delivering nonsense dialogue, it’s impossible to find any positives in this.   2023

Directed by: Timo Vuorensola

Screenplay by: Pavan Grover

Starring: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Alec Baldwin

Friday, June 2, 2023

An Unforgettable Year: Summer: Movie Review

A messy teen rom-com that can still showcase Carnaval in all its glorious colours and music.
An Unforgettable Year: Summer is a Brazilian romantic dramedy set during none other than Carnaval. As suggested by the title, it is indeed part of a 4-film series. Autumn, Winter and Spring will be released in consecutive weeks on Amazon Prime. Based on the Portuguese book series, they are unconnected short stories with one simple theme in common: teens finding themselves and falling in love, and an interesting trend: each one has a specific South American location.   2023

Directed by: Cris d'Amato

Screenplay by: Bruno Garotti, Sylvio Gonçalves, Maira Oliveira
Based on the short story by Thalita Rebouças

Starring: Livia Inhudes

Thursday, June 1, 2023

A Beautiful Life: Movie Review

A simple story with lovely music.
A Beautiful Life is a leisurely and enjoyable Danish romantic drama about music and life in general. That’s really all it’s about. There are overall themes about loss and moving on in life, but it focuses on the music, which is lovely and is the exact right focus for a movie of this ilk. If you came for a predictably sweet, simple movie with some nice pop songs (which are in English), you’re in luck.   2023

Directed by: Mehdi Avaz

Screenplay by: Stefan Jaworski

Starring: Christopher, Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas