Monday, January 17, 2011

My Normal: Movie Review

Trying to redefine normal.
Normal for Natalie (Nicole LaLiberté) is working as a dominatrix, fulfilling men's sexual fantasies, and hanging out with her lesbian co-workers going to shady bars and wearing risqué clothes. The film's title and description makes it sound like it's about Natalie's struggle to get her "normal" in line with society's "normal" as she adjusts to a more customary job in the film industry. Instead, I found it just to be a highlight reel for her lifestyle. 2010

Directed by: Irving Schwartz

Screenplay by: Adam Sales and Renee Garzon

Starring: Nicole LaLiberté

Photos courtesy of Wolfe Releasing.
What I liked about "My Normal" is that they aspired to make an original film, they refused to be pigeon-holed by what society deems as acceptable, and the main actress Nicole LaLiberté was great. LaLiberté was incredibly sexy and is likely to become a formidable actress. The film would have been served better if they were able to compare normal for me with Natalie's normal, and showing her having real struggles juggling a more customary lifestyle with her dominatrix one, rather than just the cliché "my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore" drama. These filmmakers appear to be smart enough to recognize that 20-something women do concern themselves with more than just their love life, so they should have showed me that.

"My Normal" more than lives up to its R-rating. If you didn't get enough erotic lesbian sex scenes in "Black Swan", you'll find them here. Another positive for the film is that it shares "Black Swan"'s striking makeup and costumes. It is definitely not for the conservative film-viewer, but "My Normal" might be worth a look for those who like female erotica in edgy films that try to redefine "normal".


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