Saturday, October 23, 2021

Clairevoyant: Movie Review

A painfully accurate mockumentary.
Clairevoyant is poised to become the next little indie that could by how accurately it satirizes the social media “influencers” teaching the world about spirituality and enlightenment. In this Christopher Guest style mockumentary, Micaela Wittman is Claire, a girl who is so convinced she’s on the ultimate spiritual path to enlightenment (“a super-human” in her words) that she has to make a documentary about her journey.   2021

Directed by: Arthur De Larroche, Micaela Wittman

Screenplay by: Arthur De Larroche, Micaela Wittman

Starring: Micaela Wittman

There are quite a few things that Wittman and her filmmaking partner Arthur De Larroche nail about this character, primarily Claire’s belief that her family doesn’t support her at all, other than financially, because like support with money isn’t real support. So yeah, she’s a rich kid. I also love her declarations that she makes her bed every day, except for the days that her maid makes it for her, since it would just be so hard to do it every day.

I’m assuming you already know exactly the type of person Claire is, and you probably don’t think you’d want to watch an entire movie about her. I hear you, that’s exactly where I struggle, Claire either wears you down or wears you out.

The beginning works because Claire is established as genuine. She’s completely ignorant and lacking a ton of basic knowledge, but Wittman provides her with this genuine desire to learn and understand more. She’s also very trusting of everybody. Even “guru” hacks who are just out to get her, she’s too na├»ve to see the truth, and even when pointed out to her, she’ll just conclude that she just doesn’t understand or she’s not spiritual enough, rather than believing that there are bad people out there.

Another aspect of Claire that’s so accurate is how she jumps around in beliefs. One minute she’s studying yoga, and the next she’s attempting to reconnect with the dead through a medium – and these are not incongruent, or at least not in her head, she has her logic. However, these jumps do cause pacing problems within the film. It’s hard enough watching Claire for an hour and a half, it’s even harder when it feels like three hours.

It’s funnier at the beginning when we’re first getting to know Claire. Each aspect of her personality is hilarious since it’s so accurate to the people it’s satirizing. However, as the movie wears on, it’s not as funny. We already know Claire and got the joke the first time.

Clairevoyant is the type of movie where the lack of budget and lack of big names doesn’t hurt it at all. You just need a camera and a dive-right-in lead actress. I’m continually in awe that Wittman never once breaks character – how can anybody say this stuff seriously?