Sunday, May 24, 2015

Drunk Wedding: Movie Review

Random drunk idiots at a wedding does not provide humour or anything else.
Drunk Wedding. Well, let's see, grab a video camera, go to a wedding, record some random drunk guests and you'll probably get something better than Drunk Wedding. A style that needs to leave the world of cinema now, it's shot in shaky-cam from the point-of-view of the guests like personal home videos and is just as poorly shot and edited as any family wedding or holiday videos that you could grab from your own shelf. 2015

Directed by: Nick Weiss

Screenplay by: Anthony Weiss, Nick Weiss

Starring: Christian Cooke, Victoria Gold

In fact, that would be decidedly better since this is way less engaging and the characters are uninteresting strangers. Some idiot (from hereforth, I will refer to all the characters as “some idiot” since they are all idiots and remained identity-less throughout the film) starts the film by buying video cameras for all the guests so they could record all their thoughts and experiences for the wedding couple, but the first idiot doesn't have a job and shouldn't be buying video cameras that he can't afford. I suppose that's supposed to be funny.

Then we briefly meet the other idiots who all have exactly two thoughts on their mind: alcohol and sex. Unsurprisingly, a wedding with only drunk idiots as guests devolves into a weekend of sexual debauchery. None of which was funny, let alone interesting. The surprising part is that the idiots known as the bride and groom supposedly thought that that wouldn't happen, and now the wedding is about to be ruined with all the sexual escapades that are going to be untangled. This confirms that the bride and groom are also just some idiots because considering the types of idiots they invited, and the acts they engaged in themselves, there was no other possible conclusion.

The only actor of the cast I previously knew is Christian Cooke. He had a promising role in Cemetery Junction (2010), but if this is what he's up to now, the future doesn't look bright. Same goes for any other actor in the cast that viewers might be familiar with.

Drunk Wedding is a fitting title since it is about a wedding that is entirely filled with drunkenness, but you'd think they could have done something more with that. Shooting it as a personal home video – and note this includes occasionally filming the ground or the wall as they lose concentration and stopping the video in the middle of conversations – is the worst way to introduce us to random idiots, especially when alcohol and sex is all they think about. Although one positive note is the music with includes a number of interesting choices including a Portuguese version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which can really grab your attention.