Monday, July 21, 2014

Audrey: Movie Review

Funny girl, annoying girl, Audrey will make you smile.

Audrey (Sybil Darrow) is the title character of the indie comedy Audrey. It’s also her show as she’s the only main character in a movie with only one main setting. The premise is simple: Audrey is waiting for a date that is late. This is not simple for Audrey. The restaurant is filled with people who are going to judge her, she is going to judge herself, and then she'll judge other people too. 2014

Directed by: Dean Pollack

Screenplay by: Sybil Darrow, Dean Pollack

Starring: Sybil Darrow

It’s a comedic character study as Audrey is pretty sure that her life is going to fall apart in just under an hour. The film gives us a number of ways to get introduced to Audrey. As she’s waiting, before she gets upset, we get flashbacks to the current and former guys in her life. The longer she waits, and she starts getting upset, Audrey’s imagination takes over and we get a sense of what type of nasty mind tricks she can play on herself. The comedy also comes with her intense imagination.

Given the premise, Audrey comes across as one of those guy-obsessed girls. She is extremely insecure, she appears to give all of her self worth over to - not just other people – but the opposite sex, and then to make matters worse she starts making assumptions on other people in the same manner that she suspects (but hates) that other people assume about her. While this doesn’t sound like a great example of a person to watch for an hour and twenty minutes, she is pretty funny. And ultimately she is just a slightly extreme version of what society has deemed a normal woman. One of my favourite examples of her insecurity providing humour is when her perception of perfection is thrown back in her face as she actually meets the woman from her imagination.

Things get worse for Audrey before they get better as the restaurant becomes occupied with a creepy guy in love with her, a mean boss, an important client, an ex-boyfriend, and an ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. The ex-boyfriend was a great addition to the cast as he just gave subtle clues about what their relationship was like throughout the film. The mean boss storyline was more annoying as it seemed like that he’s the reason for her to keep her composure. Considering how obsessed Audrey is with her appearance and what other people think of her, I assumed keeping her composure in public was implied.

Audrey’s superficiality, insecurities and judgmental nature can leave a bad taste in your mouth; however, the film keeps up a quick pace and always advances Audrey to her next state of being that she doesn’t wear on your patience and remains funny throughout her (immature) evolution. And the resolution to Audrey and her late date was cute and funny.

Also worth noting is the fantastic original score by Peter Golub. It gave the film a great comedic, up-beat and unique tone – very fitting and lively without over-doing it. Audrey is funny (not hilarious, but simply comedic) and unique, and is ultimately interesting, cute and enjoyable.
Best Lesser-known of 2014