Saturday, March 19, 2011

Limitless: Movie Review


A limitless source of stupidity.

Ever thought about what you could do if a magical pill could turn your life into its most promising form? Hollywood execs have and "Limitless" just shows that they wish they could be smart. And it is just a magical pill because any scientific explanation is lacking, at best. 2011

Directed by: Neil Burger

Screenplay by: Leslie Dixon

Starring: Bradley Cooper

We first meet Eddie (Bradley Cooper) on the ledge of a building as bad guys are breaking down his door. He's not going to let them win—apparently, suicide is him "winning". But then we rewind back to the beginning of the story. Eddie is an unemployed writer, losing his girlfriend, and losing his grip on reality. When a mysterious pill comes his way, perhaps drugs could secure his grip on reality? One of the many problems, is that Bradley Cooper can never be a worthless slob with no job. With looks like that and eyes that blue, countless romantic comedies have proven that he can easily get women like Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelly.

Attempting to find clever ways to show off New York (and handsome men vomiting), just sent the camera on a whirlwind spin, and my head on a worse one. Car chases, fist fights and elaborate action sequences were thrown in just to distract you from the point that they had nowhere else to take the story.

"Limitless" has proven that Hollywood's stupidity is... (yes, I am going there)... limitless.