Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Four-Faced Liar: Movie Review

Starts nowhere, goes nowhere, and apparently that doesn't matter because it's New York City.
"The Four-Faced Liar" seems to have an interesting enough title, and it is done very well for its low budget. It also has a whole host of problems.

Where should I begin? It doesn't really matter because the film itself doesn't begin anywhere, except, of course, in New York City. I'm starting to think that young film-makers have never been anywhere else.

Directed by: Jacob Chase

Screenplay by: Marja Lewis Ryan

Starring: Marja Lewis Ryan, Emily Peck

It's supposed to be about four young New Yorkers finding love and figuring out life. But there's actually five of them; one couple just moved in together, one engaged couple, and their lesbian best friend. Which one of these is the insignificant character? I have no idea, they are all insignificant to me.

Photos courtesy of Wolfe Releasing.
"The Four-Faced Liar" doesn't give me any reasons to care about these characters, and it doesn't give me any clue to where they are going (other than nowhere, of course, because "New York City is the greatest city in the world").

Influenced by "Friends", I think it's supposed to be an edgier and indie version of the show, except minus the comedy and minus any plot or storyline. "The Four-Faced Liar" even takes their title from "Friends". The show's original title was "Central Perk", the main hangout of the gang. Here, the four or five friends all hang out at the local bar, called the Four-Faced Liar. Even for non-fans of the show, I would just watch a couple of random episodes, there would be much more in it than this film.


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