Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Last Word: Movie Review

Quirky and character-rich black romantic comedy.

Wes Bentley (from “American Beauty”) stars as Evan, a very solitary guy who writes suicide notes for other people. At a funeral for one of his clients he meets Charlotte (Winona Ryder) who forms an instant attraction to him. From there, it turns funny, well, dark and funny, but it is still a romantic comedy.   2008

Directed by: Geoffrey Haley

Screenplay by: Geoffrey Haley

Starring: Wes Bently and Winona Ryder

Primarily, it’s about Evan and Charlotte’s relationship and how their relationship influences and changes Evan's life. Part character study, part quirky romanticism, but all the characters are well developed and realized, and portrayed very well. It’s an original and clever take on the usual romantic comedy, and due to Evan's vocation, it is also quite dark. Black romantic comedy would define the genre well.

“The Last Word” seems very real despite the fact that it centers around a vocation that doesn't really exist (at least on the surface of today's society). That implication, that this is the world we live in and that our society is headed towards a need to have suicide note writers, adds an element of cynicism to the movie that adds to the intelligence and interest. This is a dark romantic comedy that is out of the ordinary, and it’s well written and funny.