Friday, May 10, 2024

The Image of You: Movie Review

The Image of You is a campy, pulpy, sultry, trashy thriller complete with identical twins, affairs, a dying mother, schizophrenia and murder, oh my! There is of course one big twist, but dilutes the movie into an unsatisfying mess. Sasha Pieterse stars as identical twins Anna and Zoe. Anna is the put-together, risk-averse twin; Zoe is the daring out-spoken twin seeking alcohol, drugs and other such pleasures.   2024

Directed by: Jeff Fisher

Screenplay by: Adele Parks, Chris Sivertson

Starring: Sasha Pieterse, Parker Young

Anna is on a dating website while Zoe sits on her couch making fun of Anna’s profile and her wardrobe. When Anna meets the ridiculously hot and mostly sane Nick (Parker Young), Zoe is suspicious of the lies in his profile, which are similar to the lies Zoe forced Anna to put in hers. The one highlight of this movie is that Pieterse makes it easy to tell the twins Anna and Zoe apart. They are identical wearing their hair the exact same way, occasionally wearing similarly-styled clothes, the only appearance difference is that Zoe’s lipstick is slightly more red. But their personalities are exact opposite and it’s easy to identify which one is which.

The film opens with some atrocious dialogue delivered by Mira Sorvino, the twins’ mother, about how all babies need their mother, but not these twins, they only needed each other. That is supposed to set us up for the ending but it’s just so poorly written, it’s hard to identify anything as interesting. It’s an 87-minute movie which still feels way too long. I was expecting a lot more pulpiness and trashy twists, but apart from an affair which is the main plot of the movie, the twist doesn’t occur until around the final 10 minutes. I feel like I should probably have predicted the main twist, but I’m not well-versed in campy thrillers like this, and missed any clues if there were any.

With a famous actor (Sorvino) and a semi-famous actor (Nestor Carbonell), it’s fair to expect much more out of them, but they don’t factor into the movie until the end. And a wholly unsatisfying ending it is. This movie should have been way more fun than it is, but it’s just so empty for most of the movie, and then packs it all into an ending that is a massive let-down given the build-up to it.

It remains to be seen what type of release The Image of You will be getting, but I can’t imagine anybody willing to pay for something like this. There are so many similarly themed trashy thrillers on free streaming sites like Tubi, and most of them are probably even better.