Friday, August 11, 2023

Match Me If You Can: Movie Review

Cute and sweet rom-com.
Kip (Georgina Reilly) is a nerdy computer programmer who signs up for a dating website during a drunken night of self pity only to receive an email the next day saying she's unmatchable. What follows is a sweet and funny rom-com about an introverted girl thrust into a public spotlight after the company decides to sue her for libel. It's a movie about celebrating the weird and standing up for yourself.   2023

Directed by: Marian Yeager

Screenplay by: Betsy Morris

Starring: Georgina Reilly, Wilson Bethel

The opening scene is set during a zombie chase and while you might be questioning if you're watching the right movie, it quickly reveals itself. This is a very indie movie that focuses on the characters and their unique personalities. Kip lives alone, has a pet crab who she talks to, and a small group of friends she works with, and they discuss which non-Marvel character could pick up Thor's hammer. Riley (Wilson Bethel) is similar (although kind of like an Andrew Garfield as Eduardo in The Social Network type of nerd). He also lives alone and spends most of his time coding by himself for his dating app company, pausing only when his younger sisters draws on his face or takes a break to walk dogs at the shelter. There is cuteness and sweetness overload here.

Their meet cute occurs with a puffer fish in the IPromise waiting room when the company (Riley's family) attempts to shake her down. Riley knows who she is; Kip does not know who Riley is. The obstacle to their romance is obvious and is just a matter of time until Kip learns who he really is, but they're also two very compatible people with matching personalities.

The plot involves Kip unwittingly becoming a famous spokesperson for unmatchable people everywhere and a court case with a public defender who doesn't know what's going on. Most advancements in the story are predictable, but the movie also matches expectations and gives you what you want.

Georgina Reilly really fits as Kip; Kip comes across as someone you've met and she's realistically smart. Riley has the luxury of coming from a rich family, as he's arguably too soft-spoken to be able to run his own company. I have a few logic problems with the company - 500 questions questionnaire? And she never even had to pay a deposit? How are they successful? But ignoring that, Match Me If You Can is just very sweet, very cute and a perfect rom-com for people who self-identify as nerds.