Friday, June 23, 2023

An Unforgettable Year: Ranking and Comparison

 The stand-alone four film series about teen romance based on the Brazilian book series. As each film is its own story, you can watch one of them or all of them and in any order. 


  1. Autumn - A little more mature, and the nice music really elevates it into an enjoyable watch.
  2. Summer - The most mainstream entry of the series, a very easy watch.
  3. Winter - Goes for a more ethereal style, with less comedy and more tragedy.
  4. Spring - Poorest written of the series. Protagonist is devoid of logic which hampers the comedy and romance.
All of the movies are well produced and well cast, but Autumn is a clear step up. Autumn is also the only one with a protagonist not in the creative arts; she's a law student, whereas Winter features a writer, Summer a fashion designer and Spring an artist. In Autumn, the film better balances a serious protagonist with music all around her.

Natural Order (Chronological with a natural progression)

  1. Winter - Mabel is on winter break during her senior year and meets a week-long romantic fling.
  2. Spring - Jasmine is finishing senior year and graduating and has a love interest heading in a different direction.
  3. Summer - Summer after graduating high school, Inha is applying to fashion school for college but meets a love interest that makes her re-think her future.
  4. Autumn - Anna is in her first semester of a law program in college and falls in love in a relationship that can actually last.
On paper, that order makes the most sense, but after finishing the entire series, Amazon's order is best from a business and marketing stand-point.

Amazon Prime Release Order
  1. Summer - The easiest watch, most middle-of-the-road movie of the series. It's fun, colourful and energetic. The most likely of the four to not turn off potential viewers.
  2. Autumn - The best movie of the series. The one with a romance most likely to last. The perfect second movie to build up an audience.
  3. Winter - It's a lot slower and more dramatic than Summer and Autumn, and with a more artistic style it'd be a hard movie to use to keep building an audience.
  4. Spring - Also a middle-of-the-road movie, but it's not as well written and not nearly as fun as Summer.
In the end, I have to recommend Amazon's order for any one looking to watch the entire series.

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