Friday, August 30, 2019

Falling Inn Love: Movie Review

Cheap ploys, nice romance.
Falling Inn Love is another generic Netflix rom com/dramedy. It’s hard to call these pure rom coms when it’s very light on the comedy, and the conflicts are always built up as if they’re dramatic. But it’s all there, romance, comedy and the usual, predictable conflicts, all wrapped up in an easy-to-watch package. 2019

Directed by: Roger Kumble

Screenplay by: Elizabeth Hackett, Hilary Galanoy

Starring: Christina Milian, Adam Demos

Starting with the plot, Gabriela (Christina Milian) is a New York City girl whose career and relationship have stalled. She’s a smart, confident and determined girl, but apparently has a need to force her boyfriend to commit to her and at the same time isn’t smart enough to not date a guy who has no interest in her. But back to the story. So there she is, unemployed and stumbling across an ad for a contest to win an inn at the cost of writing an essay – which she is very qualified to do.

Off she goes to the New Zealand countryside, where the humour is the requisite big city girl can’t comprehend country lifestyle, wearing inappropriate shoes and struggling with her suitcase over a gravel road. As stated earlier, comedy is not the film’s strong suit. And then when she arrives at her inn, she is shocked, SHOCKED! I tell you, to find out that her free business is not in perfect shape. The predictable conflicts are frustrating especially when it’s a smart woman who should know better.

Romance is the selling point for the film, and the one thing it does right. Gabriela’s love interest is Australian actor Adam Devos. He plays contractor Jake; handsome, earnest, funny, and did I mention handsome? Milian and Devos play well off of each other. Their chemistry is not off the charts by any means, but the gradual romance developing from bickering to reluctant to genuine appreciation to love was believable.

By the end, I was looking forward to the resolution of Jake and Gabriela’s relationship. Her New York City ex-boyfriend was a good temporary foil, while the other supporting characters were a little more on the annoying side, but the setting of New Zealand is appreciated for the nice scenery.