Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elvis and Anabelle: Movie Review

"Elvis and Anabelle" is too strange and unlikable.

"Elvis and Anabelle" begins with Elvis (Max Minghella) a mortician. Elvis' character is immediately very jarring. He has some morbid and unnatural obsessions with the dead. He's way too off-putting to be likable. That leaves us with the lovely Blake Lively who plays the lovely Anabelle. She's a Texas beauty queen with an eating disorder. I think the film digs a big hole for itself by making a Texas beauty queen the only somewhat likable character.

A romantic drama like this relies on the connections to the characters, but here they are just too strange for me to be interested in them or care about them. "Elvis and Anabelle" may appeal to some who fancy the supernatural-like romantic dramas. But for those who appreciate well written characters, this film is a pass. I would recommend "Wake" (2009) instead. "Wake" also starts in an embalming room with a girl who doesn't feel right in this world, and although it takes some strange turns, they are more natural progressions than in this film.