Sunday, September 6, 2009

Growing Op: Movie Review


The weird humour of growing up in a grow op.
"Growing Op" is about a teenager named Quinn (Steven Yaffee) struggling with growing up, dealing with his parents, meeting girls and trying to fit-in in high school—and this is on top of living in a marijuana grow house, being home-schooled by his mother and not actually knowing any kids his age. (But as Dad says to Quinn, "You can use the internet, it’s perfect for social exiles like yourself.") 2008

Directed by: Michael Melski

Screenplay by: Michael Melski

Starring: Steven Yaffee and Jon Cor

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'll Believe You: Movie Review


Smart, funny and inventive, believe in "I'll Believe You".
Our hero is Dale (David Alan Basche), who hosts a radio show for people to call in with all of their UFO stories and other "out-there" ideas—and he wants to believe them. There is an adorable, earnest quality to Dale that although I think he knows better than to actually believe in all this balderdash, he really does want to fit in with these passionate alien hunters. Dale is also the type of character that you rarely see as the leading man and it feels refreshingly real. 2007

Directed by: Paul Francis Sullivan

Screenplay by: Paul Francis Sullivan, Sean McPharlin and Ted Sullivan

Starring: David Alan Basche