Friday, April 20, 2012

The Lucky One: Movie Review


The pure fate of romantic dramas in an all-romance story.

“The Lucky One” is a romantic drama stripped down to its bare essentials, so it’s kind of romantic and kind of dramatic. Zac Efron stars as Logan a marine who finds a photo of a beautiful girl in the rubble in Iraq. It would have belonged to a fellow soldier, most likely a fallen soldier. Logan keeps it, believing it keeps him alive, and when he returns to the States he travels across the country to find this woman. 2012

Directed by: Scott Hicks

Screenplay by: Will Fetters
Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks

Starring: Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling

That’s the premise. The entire story is that they fall in love. I was really hoping that they were going to give me something more significant, or at least a plot. Logan is lonely, depressed and in a brooding state of life. There is a sudden moment when he brightens up and cheerfully imposes himself onto her even though it is clear that she doesn’t want a marine around. I thought they were going to introduce a baiting angle of familial or brother-sister relationship dynamics. But instead they chose the straight romantic drama route.

They chose it because it is the Nicholas Sparks’ books-turned-into-movies appeal. They know their audience and it will keep them in the theatre in droves. “The Lucky One” has the idea of fate or destiny determining the nature of true love set against a gorgeous backdrop. And I don’t mean the actors. I mean the light from the morning, noon or setting sun shining through the forest trees, reflecting off windshields, watching as the single leaves dance their way down through the air. It was just all so romantic. And for me, that was the problem. I wanted something more.


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