Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Lonely Place to Die: Movie Review


Value added to the thriller genre taken away by too many bad guys.

"A Lonely Place to Die" is an intense thriller set in the Scottish highlands. A group of competent mountain climbers are off on one of their usual adventures trekking across remote and treacherous terrain. And then they discovered a little girl buried alive. Our young heroes must decide if they're going to rescue her (of course they are), where to go for help, and how are they going to get there.

Directed by: Julian Gilbey

Screenplay by: Julian Gilbey and Will Gilbey

Starring: Melissa George and Ed Speleers

This is an expertly made independent film. The opening shots of the mountains were breath-taking; the sense of suspense before each plot twist was note-perfect; and all leading up to the brilliance of the fireworks and festival lights back-dropping the small town police station. This would have been an excellent film if it weren't for the story itself.

I was very interested in the story of the mountain climbers and how they were going to save the little girl, but then the first criminals showed up and everybody had to figure out how to save themselves. There were way too many bad guys, all trigger-happy, leading to more than enough death scenes.

The plot line of each additional criminal got way too convoluted for me. Which is too bad because this is a well-made, well-acted film which knows how to draw the audience in and keep them watching. The filmmakers know the thriller genre well. I tend to like a lot of thrillers, but I can't watch gangster films. I'm assuming anybody well versed in the latter could follow all the criminals and their chase for the money. It must have been all tied up in the end since I was ready for the end a half hour earlier. I kept watching because there was definitely something of value on the screen.


The American (2010) - Interesting mix between character study and thriller.