Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Earth: Movie Review


College know-it-all hippies talking about life, on Earth, man.

Imagine if there was another Earth, man, then there would be, like, another you, man. So you just have to live, man, because, like, nothing else matters. According to South Park (and they are right) there are three types of hippies: the giggling stoners (usually harmless hippies found in the attic); the drum-circle hippies (the annoying ones found in the backyard); and then the worst kind of all, the college know-it-all hippies. 2011

Directed by: Mike Cahill

Screenplay by: Brit Marling and Mike Cahill

Starring: Brit Marling and William Mapother

“Another Earth” is written by, for and about college know-it-all hippies. They philosophize about what this appearance of another Earth means, about their life on this Earth versus that Earth, and about how to get to that Earth. Apparently this isn’t just another planet but a replica of our Earth and everything on it. How it was discovered isn’t important. What is important is how it affects the meaning of life as we know it. That assumes we know what the meaning of life is. At least college know-it-all hippies know what it is.

I do like genre-pushing films and I like the fact that this is a science fiction film without aliens and without space ship crashes. The filmmakers worked out how to tackle the idea with a really low budget. Unfortunately it resulted in college know-it-all hippies philosophizing about life with poorly written dialogue. I was much more impressed with “Moon” (2009) a low-budget science fiction film that focuses on the internal struggles in a character study.

“Another Earth” only focuses on college know-it-all hippies and since they really don’t have much substance or value to bring to our Earth, they have nothing to save another Earth.