Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terri: Movie Review


Alienated characters who alienate the audience.

The tagline for “Terri” is “We’ve all been there.” Yes, we have all felt alienated at some point in our lives. But unlike Terri, most of us do not pro-actively alienate ourselves. Terri is in high school and life is difficult for him because he’s weird, over-weight and just plain unlikable. We’re supposed to feel sympathy for him, but I never liked him. 2011

Directed by: Azazel Jacobs

Screenplay by: Patrick Dewitt

Starring: Jacob Wysocki and John C. Reilly

He wears pajamas to school (the same ones everyday), takes joy in the demise of animals, and has no thought of altering his behaviour when kids bully him. The only thing that seems to help is when Assistant Principal Mr. Fitzgerald (John C. Reilly) takes an interest in helping him and denotes him as a good-hearted student.

I like John C. Reilly and I like the idea of the principal wanting to help out the less popular kids. Fitzgerald’s tactics are unorthodox and certainly not illegal or even immoral, but in reality, they would definitely get him fired. Terri’s would-be friends were more interesting characters but the pretty and popular Heather who was written as knowing how pretty she is would be less likely to engage in low self-esteem actions.

Perhaps “Terri” isn’t even trying to place itself in reality. I don’t know. For such a simple, slow-moving film, there was a number of things that I didn’t know. Some of which they didn’t tell me, others I just didn’t care enough to find out the answers for myself. If Terri doesn’t care, why should I?


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