Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Film with Me in It: Movie Review


Sometimes dark comedies just don't work.

"A Film with Me in It" is dark, it’s Irish, it’s indie. It’s almost everything that it claims to be, it’s just not funny. I’m going to blame that on the characters. They’re not real people, they’re caricatures of the epitome of what it means to be a loser. Mark (Mark Doherty) and Pierce (Dylan Moran) are broke and jobless, and they’re too incompetent to even know that they’re broke and jobless, let alone how to not be. 2008 (with 2011 DVD release)

Directed by: Ian Fitzgibbon

Screenplay by: Mark Doherty

Starring: Dylan Moran and Mark Doherty

One is a screenwriter and the other’s an actor, and they’ve decided to make a movie. When Mark’s girlfriend Sally asks, "with what money?" Mark does not understand what she means. "Money! Like, real money, what is required to live in the real world!" Mark still has no clue what she’s talking about. Yes, that joke is funny, but it also begs the question how did Mark even get a girlfriend in the first place? Questions like that are never answered. We’re just supposed to laugh at these imbeciles rather than get to know them or understand them.

Their movie is going to be like an Irish "Fargo" and they kidnap somebody with money. As you can guess with most dark comedies, life starts imitating art. But when most-likely-innocent, under-developed characters and animals are killed (not murdered just killed accidentally), I couldn’t follow their humourless foibles.

If they gave me actual characters, like real people whom I could connect to, "A Film With Me in It" could probably at least be watchable. But as is, every plot twist is meaningless because there is no development or understanding to anything anybody says or does.