Monday, July 11, 2011

Feed the Fish: Movie Review

A quirky dark comedy turns into a predictable romantic comedy.

"Feed the Fish" is one of those quirky, dark comedies set in the dead of winter in the dead of Wisconsin. That's what I thought it was, and I was mostly right. "Dark" is the part that I was wrong about. But forgive me because it started in Venice, California with our hero Joe (Ross Partridge) talking about his successful children's book "Mr. Kitty Feeds the Fish" which was a hit because kids love violence! 2009 (with 2011 DVD release)

Directed by: Michael Matzdorff

Screenplay by: Michael Matzdorff

Starring: Ross Partridge, Tony Shalhoub and Katie Aselton

The irreverent humour at the beginning — like how there will likely be a lawsuit if his second book has kids stuck under the ice, or when his best friend was flushed down a toilet — eroded into a predictable romantic comedy. I do love the fusion of different genres and I even like romantic comedies, but the beginning was better than what it became.

Suffering from writer's block, Joe is off to Ellison Bay, Wisconsin with a friend. JP is there for the Polar Bear Plunge, Joe is there for rejuvenation. But upon arrival, Joe meets a girl, and JP meets with a joke that doesn't work, a badger attacked his groin area. There were a whole series of re-attaching testicle jokes—none of them work.

The girl is beautiful, single, smart, strong and independent. Of course she is, she's the main squeeze, supporting character, did you expect her to be anything less than perfect? But her father is a gun-toting, unpleasant sheriff (Tony Shalhoub) and Joe has to prove that he's worthy of his daughter's affections.

"Feed the Fish" would have been funnier, more original, and authentic if they stayed with the dark comedy beginning. For every witty joke, there would be two disctinctly unfunny jokes (usually about testicles and/or a badger), which is too bad because this is a better movie than that.