Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Symmetry of Love: Movie Review

Interweaving relationships of nameless, distant characters.

"The Symmetry of Love" is a romantic comedy of interweaving relationships set in London with an interweaving relationship with Spain. I could tell you who is in love with whom, and who is friends with whom and who used to be in love with whom. But that gets way too confusing. I had to use the back of the DVD case as a cheat sheet to get me through it. 2010

Directed by: Aitor Gaizka

Screenplay by: Aitor Gaizka

Starring: Giles Alderson and Jemma Powell

Romantic comedies, by definition, should be romantic and funny. I'm pretty sure the comedy was in the form of a librarian saying and doing sexually-deviant things, and oh surprise, each character has a secret connection with the next one. But nothing was very funny. Romance was missing too because heart and depth to each character was missing.

There have been some successful romantic comedies with a myriad of characters all with interweaving relationships, but that's a very difficult genre to write well. Here, we kept moving from character to character that I wasn't given the time to get to know them or the reason why I should. All the young actors in "The Symmetry of Love" are beautiful people who could have a bright future but I was never really introduced to them.


You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (2010) - A well written, witty interweaving relationship story by Woody Allen.

Bitter/Sweet (2009) - Light and sweet, and an enjoyable trip to Thailand.

Sidewalks of New York (2001) - The cynicism, but also heart and humour, of New Yorkers falling in love.