Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art School Confidential: Movie Review


Humorous musings on the pretentiousness of art school.
"Art School Confidential" is a story about art and murder, and it's a comedy. Jerome (Max Minghella) is a freshman at an art college majoring in paintings & drawings. He is determined to become a famous artist, and paint beautiful naked women. He doesn't care how he becomes famous. 2006

Directed by: Terry Zwigoff

Screenplay by: Daniel Clowes

Starring: Max Minghella and John Malkovich

Screenwriter Daniel Clowes definitely attended a school like this, because this film is full of artist-type characters, and non-stop jokes about the pretentiousness of art, art historians, competitive students and professors who never made it.

The main issue with this film is that it is basically plot less. There is an aimless plot which gets introduced at the beginning but gets sidetracked for awhile and when it finally reveals itself, it's over much too quickly. There are quite a few jokes along the way but they are mostly just unconnected humorous musings on everything pertaining to art school.

"Art School Confidential" is certainly related to Clowes' and Terry Zwigoff's previous film "Ghost World" (2001) but I found it much easier to get into. I definitely recommend it to anybody who went to art school, is or will be going to art school, or anybody who knows somebody who did. I also recommend it for anybody who really wanted to like "Ghost World" but just couldn't, this might be more your cup of tea.


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